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Sale or Return

What does 'Sale or Return' actually mean?

'Sale or Return' is an agreement between the customer and the dealer in which the customer pays the dealer to sell your vehicle on your behalf. In essence The Motor Specialists Ltd offer this facility to all our customers on a similar basis as an estate agent would operate when marketing your property

What are the advantages?

How does it work?

Firstly and most importantly, we work on a strictly 'private and confidential' basis Your vehicle is safe with us and will be for sale on our premises and on our insurance. The general procedure, from start-to-finish, is outlined below:-

  1. You provide us the details of your vehicle
  2. A viewing is arranged to enable us to appraise your vehicle's overall condition
  3. We apply our simple formula to your vehicle which allows us to calculate the likely amount payable to you once your vehicle has been sold
  4. we take receipt of your vehicle and any supporting documentation and materials and prepare it for retail
  5. A period of between 1 to 14 weeks is required to sell your vehicle
  6. When your vehicle is sold, we will notify you of the amount you will be receiving and when this will be paid to you- this will normally be transacted on the same day that the new customer takes delivery of their new car

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